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The application is a small command-line utility that uses entries in the configuration file to determine the machines that are scanned.

This utility can be useful in a Dev Ops capacity to help ensure various machines have the same level of patching in place.

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Hundreds of human genomes have been decoded since the first in 2001, yet much of our species’ genetic diversity remains buried.

Their genomes explain the basis of traits such as Pygmies’ short stature and show that humans in Africa interbred with now-extinct species. The first individual genome sequence — Craig Venter’s — and most others since have come from Europeans and their descendants, and Asian genomes are also fast accruing.

But Africans have remained genome sequencing's biggest blind spot, even though they possess the bulk of human genetic diversity because all other populations derive from Africans, says Tishkoff.

As a first pass, Tishkoff’s team looked for genes that evolved recently in the different hunter-gatherer populations, potentially as a result of adaptations to local environments.

That search turned up genes involved in immunity, reproduction, metabolism and smell and taste perception.

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