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And unlike OTA DVR products from Tablo, HDHome Run, and Plex, Ti Vo can’t stream your recordings onto other connected devices, at least not without additional hardware.Watching TV on your phone or tablet requires a 0 Ti Vo Stream box, and watching on other televisions requires a 0 Ti Vo Mini, raising the cost considerably if you want a whole-home or out-of-home solution.And like Ti Vo’s own cable boxes, it comes with some powerful ad-skipping features.But Ti Vo’s old-school approach to recording broadcasts from an antenna also brings some baggage.Through Ti Vo’s “Wish List” section, you can even program recordings for a specific actor, director, category, or keyword.Ti Vo also pulls TV episodes from various streaming services into One Pass, so if a show is on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, it’ll show up in the same list as your over-the-air recordings.The Ti Vo Roamio OTA is still worthwhile for folks who want a powerful DVR solution, but don’t want to deal with the vagaries of streaming.With four tuners, ample recording options, and helpful ad-skipping features, Ti Vo’s over-the-air DVR excels at squeezing every bit of value out of your antenna signal.

New streaming bundles such as Sling TV, Play Station Vue, and Direc TV Now are absent, and the only TV Everywhere apps are HBO Go and Epix. Don’t expect Ti Vo to serve all your streaming needs unless they’re fairly basic.The feature will likely be most beneficial to Hulu subscribers, given that service’s emphasis on network television.With Netflix and Amazon, you may find that there’s not much overlap between recorded and streaming series.Use Ti Vo enough, and the system will even start automatically recording programs that it thinks you’ll like.You’re still in charge of fine-tuning the suggestion algorithms by giving thumbs up or down to whatever you’re watching, but being able to populate the DVR without programming everything manually is a nice way to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

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