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However, using tumblr to search the tags "acd-jibbs" should take you to them. "She'd never have thought she'd see either of those two arrested for anything, yet here she was, bailing both of them out. And Elizabeth stared at it in a way that made Jack simultaneously jealous of and embarrassed for a piece of furniture. Despite progress, they still contend with the traumas of the past. She tries to make sense of the past; she endeavors to decide what's in her future, and she spends time immersed in the perspectives of a dead woman's family. Han's there to help her decompress, and anchor her to a tangible reason she's fighting. Han's coming home from deployment, and Ben considers his father's new facial hair to be questionable. For example, when Leia buys new towels that are much shorter than the previous ones. After an unanticipated loss at home that brings Han back early from military engagement, they put their battle to rest.If you're still having trouble, please let me know, I'll find a way to get you access. As soon as life seems peaceful for Anakin Skywalker, the Force has another idea altogether. Sequel to Skywalker Matrimony and Part 4 of the Fathers and Smugglers series. But he needed to feel something, anything, because he just felt so damn numb all the time. Things were just a little too crazy." Co-authored by Miss Jayne and crazy-prune. Jack and young William Turner must find a way to rescue Elizabeth from the Locker, in this sequel to 'The Flying Dutchman'. Some flirting, some explicit, er, "flirting." NSFW. Leia's late for an event - she needs to feed the baby, and do her make-up - and Han can help with only one of those things, considering he lacks the necessary body parts for one of them. 'Questionable' in this context translating to 'Ben is under the impression a monster replaced Daddy.'Like most couples, Han and Leia have a nightly ritual - showering, brushing teeth, going to bed. H/L; NSFW.'Kashyyyk' is a hard word to say, when you're drunk. H/L - TFA canon in that Ben is in it; he's 4 years old.Allison Hart/Leroy Gibbs)Rule 13The Miranda Rights Gibbs & Diane Caveat Good Times Her Kelly Inequitable Emotion Gibbs & Rebecca June Cleaver Aesthetic Domesticated Splintered Withdrawal Gibbs & Stephanie Russian Nesting Dolls The Ziva-leaving Triology: Shalom Toda Aaliyah The (rare) Tiva Archives The Same Mistake City of Cliche Of Sisters and Fires Kartenhaus Polyglot The Honeymoon Hunt Tiva: The Eli & Anthony Universe (began writing before news of Cote's departure got out) (no particular order)Loopholes The Tennyson Poem Namesake Whiskey Lullaby/The Stained Green T-shirt ( companion pieces )Ball Pit Shenanigansof Spoons and Genetics Ninja, Jr.Baby Pillows Hadassah Damsel in Distress Danny Cucumber Batman and Alfred The (even rarer) Mc Abby Archives Dactyloscopy Mc Forrest Gumpspecial/tribute*located on my blog, not published. If you would like to read these stories, either contact me via PM and I will send them to you in some way, or go to the blog mentioned above [] and search for them.Considering how confident she was with his weapon on the Death Star, Han Solo's a little surprised to find out the Princess had never killed before. faintly jibbs, and chock full of Ziva butchering English idioms. When Levi is getting made fun of at school, Kelly calls her Dad to save the day. Also, when Timothy Mc Gee learns way too much about his boss and his future father-in-law, and Levi finds out there are 3 more Star Wars movies. LBSF 'verse; manages to be weirdly Jibbs-ish even though it's about Kelly and Mc Gee. A visit to the LBSF universe, in which Jenny informs her dear Gibbs that some aspects of their marriage have grown, er, monotonous. It's a glimpse into the last-few days of their lives. Takes place during ANH while the team is on the way to Yavin. Christmas Eve mass is boring for little girls, so it's Daddy to the rescue-and when Mass is over and Santa comes, will Beary Smiles be under the tree? And in the mean time, why does Jenny keep finding tiny toy horses hidden in her things? Or, that story where Gibbs is irrationally attached to his roast beef sandwich. He's then thrust into yet another mission to fulfill along with Nicky. COMPLETEElizabeth has been faithful to Will for ten years, but only days from his return, an old pirate friend shows up to complicate things badly. godawful, brilliant night when she'd come to him crying by the light of the moon, asking would he hold her now, and what kind of man could say no to this wild eyed girl? What would the reappearance of Leia's adoptive father mean for her life in a post ROTJ context? Jenny is struggling with her recent diagnosis, and facing the haunting specter of her past choices / JIBBS, rated M; originally the prologue to a story I will no longer be writing / written 2014, published for the first time NOW. A collection of unrelated Jibbs one-shots based on songs. A heartbreaking crime is perpetrated on Leroy Jethro Gibbs' daughter, leaving her with a broken childhood. Jenny slips away from a crime scene in Arlington to pay a visit to her family; Tony stumbles in mid-respect paying. The fearless probie redhead feels a certain Leroy Jethro Gibbs should say nicer things to his wife. Jibbs, if you tilt your head and stick out your tongue. The United States Botanical Gardens houses over 5,000 species of Orchids, rare and common. Add 1 virginal, goody-two-shoes red head, a liberal does of one blue-eyed bad boy marine, combine with copious amounts of Jack Daniels and witty repartee, and behold: the ultimate way to be deflowered. Likewise, Jennifer Shepard still likes high heels and fancy words. Because by the end of this oneshot, Sec Nav might discover just what exactly everyone's favorite redheaded Director has been doing right under his oblivious nose. Cliches are just traps that everyone secretly desires to spring. There actually was a time when Jenny Shepard and Leroy Jethro Gibbs weren't doing 'it' with a capital I.Based on the original story of The Flying Dutchman. What would he think of Han Solo, and what could he tell her about the dark shadow of her heritage? Leia and Han find that parenthood turns out to be the one thing that puts their vastly different social statuses into sharp perspective - as petty arguments and misunderstood perspectives plague them, they draw on one shared trait: their faith in each other. The minefield of constructing a New Republic while expecting a new baby sort of collides in a really inconvenient way for Leia. Not all necessarily song-fics, though there will be quite a few. SVU Detective Jennifer Shepard, fractured in her own right, vows to piece Kelly's life back. He's not silver-tongued when it comes to comfort, and maybe that's why she bothers to let him know. The Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, and ultimately, Paris again. So if there's any place to woo your wayward redhead, look no further, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, you have arrived. I've just thrown a daughter, a little boy, and a tragic past in the AU mix. It is common knowledge, particularly to one Jenny Shepard, that Leroy Jethro Gibbs is not especially loquacious--nor does he aspire to be. Jenny and Gibbs may have been the first to fall in Paris, but Ziva and Tony seem to be the heirs to their folly--or fortune. Yet, in a pre-Marseille workplace, why is Probie Agent Shepard telling people they are? How many every-day prhases in the English language have a sexual connotation?

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I do this for fun, to help my writing skills, and because it makes me happy.a note on plagiarism: we are writers. we articulate stories through emotion and action painted with words.

These characters are solely the intellectual and financial property of their creators.

Announcements: So: as it turns out, I can't get links to work here -- probably something to do with the site not allowing outside links. Instead of linking to the blog that follows my writing, I'll just direct you to it: if you'd like to check on new projects or the process of current projects, there is a General Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from NCIS, Star Wars, X-Men, Smallville (or DC Comics), Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Law&Order: SVU.

do not tarnish them by putting your name on them if they do not belong to you.

as fanfiction writers, we should understand better than anyone how important it is to make sure that inspiration is acknowledged and that we don't trespass into dark territory by claiming something is ours that is not. I published my first story in 2006 when I was thirteen years old. This profile is a timeline of my work since then, and how I have improved as a writer.

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