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Young Hari is raised by one of the most infamous nukenin of all time and a cadre of "Uncles" whose cumulative effect is very . Leaving behind the daunting memories of that night and of Jack, she continues her society life as planned.

But when complications arise, trust is tested and tensions build.

And also for irony, emphasis, or some form of drama. So if grammar is wrong in a place, usually it's on purpose. " After Charlotte Louise Potter suffers a metal breakdown that causes her to loose her prestigious Auror position she doesn't know what to do. Two days and several drinks later Charlotte finds herself in Captain America's bed.[Amon/Korra, one-sided Tarrlok/Korra] The Avatar battles both the powerful Equalist activists and her own feelings for their mysterious leader—a tale of unbreakable family ties, tolerance, and self-exploration. My friend Ogremen gave me a challenge and then we decided to co-write it. Five year old Harry is running from his cousin and friends when he suddenly finds himself in a strange new place, Asgard. Sometimes he wished it still hurt when he thought about Julie, because then, loving Kyoko would feel a little wronger. Problem is, she doesn't know what she thinks she does. Casefic with supernatural elements set starting early season 1.

Especially for run-ons, because certain characters (or people in general can get like that) ramble, especially in their heads and especially when panicked : DI try to write a minimum of at least 2000 words per chapter (40 KB), but I'm happier with more. There he meets Loki and his life takes a turn for the better. Two people walk into a bar: they meet again after not seeing each other for years... Written for the 'Rare Kyoko Love Fest Challenge' by Felicity Dream! Chaptered - When one of Raven's deepest, darkest secrets is revealed, havoc ensues.

, Hikaru no Go, Star Wars Rebels, Big Hero 6, Epic, Flash, Fahrenheit 451, Karate Kid, Minecraft: Story Mode, Ultimate Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Justice League, Marvel, and Daredevil.8/12/17 Note: I apologize, but I'm going to only update when I actually receive reviews (that means stories that have a greater review percentage are at the top of my priority).

One, I work a hell of a lot on chapters and it feels crappy to receive a handful (or less) reviews when I do update them, and I feel tired of comparing my work to others (usually crappy stories) that receive more reviews for the sake of a more popular pairing or whatever (that makes me feel like extra shitty).

Lately, that's been "The Light Before We Land" (yeah, you know who you are XD -I'm sorry! As of 9/1/13, I edited all the more explicit things in my stuff, so if you're an older reader and think something is missing, yep. For Harry, Tony is a last-ditch effort to gain freedom.

), though before there were a little less than a handful of people specifically for "The Day the Whole World Went Away" (which finally got updated after -what? This is just in case, so my stories don't get deleted and you all can still enjoy it. Although the journey might be rough, they learn to heal and become a family. His will to live is rekindled when he focuses on an certain orange-haired teen he owes a debt to, helping him attain a power he never knew he had, changing both of their lives in the process. In the past, Matt and Pidge once joked around about how Shiro was like a second son to their dad and how one of them would have to marry him to make their dad's dream a reality. Seven years after Voldemort's death, Healer Helene Potter was just minding her own business working at St.

My inbox is full of PMs that just keep coming and piling on top of each other. As for replies, I'm sorry I get lazy, forgetful, etc. I'll try to get back to people that had questions/something significant to say other than "Update".(My profile is currently acting strange and underlining everything, so...)About me? And something to challenge myself like that is that I prefer to write 'age differences' stories, yaoi/slash (yes, I am a proud fujoshi), again -strange pairings (I love trying to make them work), AU's and/or what if's, mental/physical disorders and/or trauma, reverse!I will continue to write for myself, because I love writing, but I feel no need to make the extra hassle of editing and updating when I'm not getting responses.It's less work for me, and I've got a life and I should be working on my originals.And now (5/13/15), I have a new streamlined site -the other ones will now just be a media/extras site -that hosts my fanfiction completely (as well as some stories that are unpublished and just on my flashdrive but has had a lot of work done for them). At Aizen's request, Ichigo agrees to father the children and to be their protector, but can anyone protect them when the council sends assassins to target Aizen as soon as the first heir is born? Ichigo/Aizen The Winter War has dragged on too long and Aizen has proven a difficult man to stay dead. Yet here she was, in the days of her younger years. Each chapter will focus on Kallus and a member of the crew as they help him become something new.I will also have challenges/prompts hosted there, so take a look once that's been posted. Felicity Dream Fanfics wix website = streamlined for just fanfiction, reading needs. A small bit of advice from Kakashi before the start of the semi-finals of the Chunin Exams leads Naruto down a path he would have never have followed in canon. Anna is in the middle of a visit to the Kingdom of Corona when a mysterious blizzard strikes. Hopes are low and their situation dire, but one thing leads to another and Kurosaki Ichigo is sent to the past to kill the megalomaniac before he gains immortality. Can she save them all from the bleak future she knew, even after having been broken? Originally posted as a one-shot titled Chipped and Jagged.

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