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Peña, the son of Spanish and Puerto Rican parents, was educated at Harvard University and earned a Master's degree in film from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.In the event Peña stated: "It's a terrible sign of what's happening in my country today that no one seems to realize or care about the kind of negative signal this sends out to the entire Muslim world." From 2001 to 2002, Peña was the host on the Sundance Channel's "Conversations in World Cinema, " on which he interviewed Harmony Korine among other leading filmmakers.Since 1996, he has organized together with Unifrance Film the annual "Rendez-Vous with French Cinema Today" program.We'll just have to wait to see if both statements turn out to be true, although we wouldn't mind seeing a J.Lo appearance on 's video of the pair allegedly leaving Delilah's Monday night together below, although it's pretty hard to make anything out for sure with the dark lighting and tinted windows.

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