Dating a part time father

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I don't want to just rely on my friend's words so I want to see for myself.

Being that his time to spend with me will be limited how will I tell if he's not that interested vs interested but can't spend time because of his parenting duties?

His plate will only change in size (commitment in time to his daughter as she grows up) across time while you will likely 1) finish your school work; 2) engage in more meaningful employment; and 3) start to seek greater stability and commitment. He's not going to get any better (or worse) though you may need more that he can't give you because his first priority is to being a good dad to his daughter. You've known each other from the 4th grade and you've known about each other's ins and outs since he contacted you after you discontinued a recent relationship.

I'm guessing you were more than a booty call for him, as I can't imagine he would become easily entangled and disentangled with someone while having so many other interested parties in his immediate surround.

I disagree with your friends that say "he won't really have time for me"...cause I figure if you got serious and lived together, it would be your bed he lays down in every night...people I know with kids have lots of time for each other....cause they live together (key words).What signs to look out for to tell that he may not be interested in me?What do you need to determine in your mind that he sees you as his future girlfriend? You'd probably see alot more of each other if you lived together, but then that would mean involving his sister and his nephew, something that you'd do if you were really serious about being together.He can't give you more even now, outside of a committed relationship, and that will be many months or years down the pike. Are you willing to seek others for greater satisfaction?You should eliminate the 'he' factors and focus on the 'me' factors. Where does he fit in the balance of your life and what you want now, and how can he fill those needs in 5 years, 10 years, and more?

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