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So any attempt to rely on the reduction before registration would be ineffective.

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Read each paragraph and consider what it means if you sign the agreement today.There are some exceptions to the former; none (based on my experience) to the latter. All you have to do is write in a prior date and sign it. In most agreements, using a prior date to make it look like it was signed earlier is the wrong way to go. The problem is that it may not work in every situation.However, there is no right answer for all situations. The easiest way is to make the contract happen on the date that it is signed. There it is, the document is signed and delivered as if it were signed and delivered weeks ago, months ago, even years ago. For example, let’s suppose there is a confidentiality provision in the agreement or some other obligation that was supposed to happen prior to signing.Backdating refers to the procedure of dating any document to a date earlier than the application date.Backdating is mostly used to make the age of the consumer at policy issue lower than the actual age to get a lower premium.

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