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I knew it all along,” as if being who you are can somehow be part of a queer checklist.Brownstein herself saw no clues about her dad: “Only in retrospect can I find clues to my father’s gayness.” I ask Carrie about this over the phone while she is in Los Angeles, on the day she is getting ready to share the stage with Amy Poehler at a local bookstore to discuss Did Brownstein feel a closer connection to her father after he came out to her?Brownstein: There have been plenty of one-off characters that haven't worked out, but I couldn't even name them now 'cause they are done.

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We really started focusing on the characters in the third season so there will be a deeper exploration of the people on the show.Given that Brownstein was out at the time and part of the queer-friendly, feminist riot grrrl scene, her answer is surprising.“It’s so easy for people on the outside to try to posit personal experiences into a political context, and terms like ‘queer identity’ — sure, I can look from the outside and think that, but from a personal perspective, no.” Brownstein felt closer to her father after discovering his truth, but it because she's also queer. In relation to my father, I wasn’t couching it in terms of, well, now we share a ‘queer identity’ — that seems like a slightly political way of looking at it.She's just a great actress, and we would love to work with her. I'd like to think of it as coming to existence, hopefully being something that people are drawn to and feel a connection to and then kind of leaving before we wear out our welcome.Ideally I think five seasons would be the perfect amount of time "Portlandia" should exist in the world.

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